>> Who is Classics Cash?
We at Classics Cash started online in 2001 as webmasters building free sites, tgp sites and galleries and doing a lot of the other grunt work most webmasters do today. We expanded in the pay site niche in 2004 while partnering with an industry leader still online today and have worked with many other top programs. You will find Classics Cash to be honest and eager to work with you to earn you as much money as possible with our unique sites. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
>> How much does Classics Cash Pay?
We pay 60% commission on the initial sale and all rebills for the lifetime of any member you send to any of our sites. We also have a pay per signup model, paying $25 per sale for every sale you send. All tours are popup free to make the surfer's experience a pleasant one.
>> When do you pay?
We pay monthly on/about the 16th of the month following the month the commissions are earned in. Payments are made by check, epassporte or bank wire if needed.
>> Do your sites have popups or consoles?
No! We do not add popups or consoles to any of our site's tours.
>> Do you offer free content to use for promotion?
Yes, we offer free content, hosted galleries and access to our members area in some cases.
>> How often do your sites update?
All of our sites updates with new content each week. We believe the best way to keep members rebilling is to provide them with what they are paying for... new content!
>> Who do I contact if I have question?
Rob is the best person to talk with but any of our people can easily help you with anything you need.